After a long break – I’m back

My last post was almost 10 months ago. I had to leave the world of blogging for a little while.  Life happened at breakneck speed and I couldn’t keep up!  I now however have 10 months of stories to catch up on and I will start with the latest!

I am the organized one in our marriage – otherwise known as The Nerd (Dave Ramsey) or the One-Who-Has-Learned-To-Be-Organized-Lest-She-Perish-In-Chaos Person.  I have Lists.  On paper.  On my computer.  In my head.  On my Blackberry.  I like Lists! 

My List told me a long time ago that if we had a power outage we were going to have a few major problems.  My DH – The FreeSpirit (Dave Ramsey) says ahhh-honey-quit-worrying-about-it.  Yeah he did. 

A few days ago we were sitting together having morning tea as we usually do and I brought up the subject again by saying: Honey I wonder if it would be a good idea to do a 48 hour No-Power test to see where the potential problems might be.  

NO JOKE – I finished the sentence and the power cut off.  He looked at me gasping like I actually had something to do with it.  As he sputtered that maybe I should have just SHUT UP I backed quickly out of the room and said: TALK FAST HONEY – you’ve got about two more minutes till the basement starts flooding. 

I already have a history with our not-so-beloved sump pump.  He (it looks like a he) and I have come to terms about a few things.  First off I had never seen a sump pump in my life until it malfunctioned about two months ago.  First the pipe to the out-of-doors froze.  The the pump quit.  Then we went to seven stores in one night to buy another pump.  Success at last or sort of anyway.  We had to run a hose out the basement door in the dead of winter – it was a long winter!  So, I had some idea of what was going to happen and HAPPEN it did. 

One pail.  Every seven minutes. For 33 hours.  Oh yes.  It was fun – NOT!  I lugged water up the basement stairs for hours since no one was home with me for most of the day.  By the time they got home I was delirious and ready to stomp on the timer which beeped at me every seven minutes with-out-fail for hours! 

Thankfully two of my kids who are night hawks stayed up most of the night with my DH as cheerleader to bail while I got a few hours of sleep.  Then they went to bed and I continued.


This of course says nothing about making tea over a fondue burner, not being able to have a shower for TWO days (egads!) or the worry about the freezers defrosting and Jacob dying for no purpose.  (A story for another day!) 

We went to look at generators today.  One more thing off My List.